The Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge is open to solo racers, and teams of two. There will be divisions for each category (i.e. female, male, masters, co-ed, etc.)

The format will be as follows (these distances are approximate; Close, but not exact!) 

• Start with a 2.2 mile trail run 

• Mountain bike for 17 miles

• River paddle for 4.2 miles

• 4 mile trail run to the finish line

The first trail run as well as the mountain bike leg will start up on the levee trail and then cut down onto the mountain bike trails to alleviate congestion and allow racers to spread out and pass.


• Only mountain bikes and cross-bikes are allowed. ABSOLUTELY NO ROAD BIKES!!!

• If you are racing as a team, you must stick together for the entire race.

• If you are a soloist, you are responsible for bringing your own kayak, paddles and PFD to the race. Team racers will be provided a     canoe, paddles and PFD.

• All paddlers must be wearing their PFDs during the paddling leg or you WILL be disqualified.

• Anyone caught cutting sections of the course will obviously be disqualified. We will have volunteers on the course to enforce this.

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